Supper Magazine reviews The Swan Southwold

The Swan is moving with the times

Supper Magazine journalist, Richard Frost, reviews the 2017 refurbishment of The Swan

“It’s hard to imagine a destination where F&B is more integral to the offering than The Swan, the flagship hotel of one of the UK’s largest independent breweries, Adnams…

During Supper’s visit, however it quickly becomes apparent that Adnams is playing the long game here, seizing what it viewed as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” to transform the hotel and create a gateway to the brand…Adnams is evidently moving with the times, and The Swan is doing the same…

“The brief was for a redesign of the hotel that respects the building’s heritage whilst updating it with a fresh contemporary edge that reflects the core values of the Adnams brand and embodies the quintessence of Southwold and the Suffolk coast,” explains Christopher Ash, co-founder of London-based interior design firm Project Orange.”

To read the full four-page article, including quotes from designer Christopher Ash and The Swan Manager Craig Ripley, click here