Stylist Magazine reviews The Swan

Escape Routes

The Swan in Southwold reinvents the British beach holiday.

Visit a seaside town with a G&T twist

“I have nothing against north London. Truly. Some of my best friends live there. Yet as a lifelong south Londoner who has just driven three hours in search of sea air and quiet countryside, ‘Welcome to Little Islington!’ was not the greeting I was expecting.

I’m in Southwold, Suffolk, one of the UK’s most popular seaside towns. At first glance it’s a world away from the buzzy scene and bus-clogged arteries of the chi-chi north London enclave. But don’t be fooled by the candy coloured beach huts and quintessentially English tearooms. Trad little Southwold is a hotspot, with a long history of celebrities, intellectuals and, yes, wealthy Londoners in Hunters making it their second home. It’s not unusual to see a Hollywood name in a local restaurant, nor eye-watering prices in estate agents’ windows. A ‘humble’ beach hut recently commanded a £120,000 tag.

The latest high-roller in town is our destination: The Swan, a boutique hotel with its own brewery and distillery. Recently given a £4.5million face lift, the Georgian coach house now presides over the market square like a glamorous dinner party hostess at the head of the table. Inside it’s a gloriously Instagrammable riot of shade and comfort, with sumptuous velvet sofas, contemporary copper fixtures, and an invigorating colour palette that makes my heart sing every time I enter a room.

Equally joyous is the news that we have a butler, Holmes, who charms us with his local knowledge and chauffeuring offer.”

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